Get the most of your massage

  • Drink Water

  • Avoid Alcohol

  • Eat a light meal

  • Avoid workouts for at least 4 hours

  • It is common to experience some muscle soreness/tenderness a few hours after your massage or even up to 2 days after. If it lasts longer than this or has made your condition worse, please let your therapist know.

  • If friction techniques or muscle stripping techniques were applied during treatment, use ice on affected area to reduce inflammation and swelling. Important: Use a barrier between your skin and the ice pack. Use the ice for 5-20 minutes maximum, repeating every 60 minutes. If you are unsure of timing, please pay attention to how the affected area feels in contact with the ice. The acronym is C.B.A.N, the sensation feels cold, burns, aches, and numb. Please remove ASAP if you get to the numb phase.

  • If home care such as stretches or exercises were instructed these will help to improve our recovery time and prevent further injury