Massage Rates

Align Massage Therapy Rates


90 Minutes -$141.00 CAD
75 Minutes - $116.50 CAD
60 Minutes - $97.00 CAD
45 Minutes - $80.00 CAD
30 Minutes - $61.50 CAD

Rates include HST. 

Insurance receipts provided

Payment: Debit. Visa. Mastercard. Cash. Cheque.



Outcall Rates

Receive a massage in your home. I provide the massage table and everything required for the massage. 

Contact Krista: 343.777.6755 

New Client Rates as of August 2018

60 Minutes - $100 CAD

90 Minutes - $140.00 CAD 

Payment: E-Transfer, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque




Day Rates

Best for: At home spa day, bachelorette parties, wedding parties, corporate wellness,  employee appreciation days, consultation, instruction, and labour support. 

Half Day (up to 4 Hours) - $420 CAD
Full Day (up to 6 Hours) - $760 CAD
Call Krista at (343) 777-6755 to book now

Visit for more information or visit any of our 5 locations to purchase. 


How much time do I need?

The average Massage Enthusiast will book 45-60 Minutes and a combination of Massage Techniques can be integrated into the session in order to provide relaxation but also address specific concerns causing tension or pain if necessary.

Here is my best recommendation for massage treatment time:

  • (RECOMMENDED) 90 Minutes: Treat yourself to extended relaxation and feel complete tension release.
  • 75 Minutes: If you love a full body massage but, you know you have areas that need a specific focus, the extra 15 minutes can make a big difference!
  • (MOST POPULAR) 60 Minutes: This is the perfect amount of time for a general full body massage for therapeutic or relaxation. The most common purchase for Gift Certificates.
  • (JUST RIGHT) 45 Minutes: Perfect for a general full body massage, or a first time massage with a specific injury that will require extra time assessment and treatment planning.
  • 30 Minutes: Perfect for an isolated area such as back, neck, and shoulders, a first massage, or treatment of a specific diagnosed muscle injury.