As a Registered Massage Therapist I see each and everyday the benefits massage therapy has on adults, young and old. Many people do not experience massage until they are injured. Can you imagine how a person would feel if they receive massage as a reason to maintain their health? Can you imagine how a person would feel if they received massage when they are young, and continue to incorporate it into their healthy lifestyle as they continue to age? Would this person be angry, stressed, or experience frequent injuries? Or would this person be gentle, patient, and active?

I am very excited to introduce Neo Massage into my existing practice as a Registered Massage Therapist. I am certified by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM®), which provides a unique program designed for interaction, and bonding between baby and caregiver, as well as a chance for new or experienced parents to connect with one another and exchange helpful ideas.

There is no right or wrong way that a caregiver can massage his/her infant. It is a unique dance with rhythm and flow between you and your baby. 

Neo Massage classes demonstrate the basic techniques of infant massage and how the they can adapt for everyday activities, so you and baby will share massage for a lifetime.